Teaching Methodology

Our Education System

Breyer incorporates industry practices and essential living skills in its training in tandem with its corporate philosophy of “Towards Creating A Positive Thinking Workforce” for instant employability.

Industry-Oriented Curriculum, Teaching And Learning Practices

  • Curriculum developed after thorough industry-needs research, which incorporates latest developments;
  • Rigorous, customised practical and industrial apprenticeship;
  • Hands-on practical focused courses with no examination pressure;
  • Curriculum and teaching practices geared towards instant employability.

Work Environment Process (WEP) System

  • Basic labour law is taught throughout the course of study;
  • Exposure to work environment procedures and processes such as memos, meetings, reporting, interpersonal skills, human relations and more;
  • Soft skill classes on work ethics, communication skills and customer care.

Work Based Learning (WBL) and Practical Skills Training (PST) System

  • Hands on approach to learning and training conducted by trainers with industry experience;
  • Assessment is based on ability to complete industry tasks;
  • Training and talks by current industry experts;
  • Regulated by the Ministry of Human Resources.
At Breyer we train our trainees, in accordance with the requirements of current work environments, to have Emotional (80%) and Intelligence (20%) quotient capabilities to become the most successful employees and entrepreneurs. With more emotional quotient capability, our trainees are able to make better educated and sound decisions with their mind, instead of just their heart.

Quality Assurance Department

In order to provide the best education to our trainees, our Quality Assurance Department conducts frequent audits on faculty, facilities and quality of trainees in order to mould them as the best at what they do. This is done through:

  • Student Happiness Survey
  • Class Document and Delivery Review Audit
  • Training and Retraining of Staff
  • Regular Improvement to Course Materials
  • Innovative Teaching and Management Methods

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

Each course offered by Breyer goes through a scrutiny by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) quarterly. The committee is made up of academicians and industry experts that will examine the course content and improve upon it with latest developments in the industry. They also conduct audits on teaching methods and delivery mechanisms in order to ensure the students are instantly employable after their graduation.