Student Support Services

Student Support Services

We at Breyer thrive to provide the best education environment that is safe, secure and peaceful, in order for students to have a worry free college life. Student services offered by our friendly and helpful support staff include:

Student Counselling Service
The Student Counselling Centre handles various issues faced by students. While academic counselling is provided by our experienced academicians, all other matters concerning to career, personal difficulties, adaptability, interpersonal communication and other non-academic matters are handled by our Student Counsellors.

Job Placement Office
More than 80% of our graduates secure a job immediately upon graduation through our Job Placement Office. The positive work ethics and quality knowledge of Breyer graduates shown during their industrial training has convinced the employers to offer them full time employment.
The Job Placement Office also works with a number of employment and recruitment agencies to secure a jobs for our graduates. Companies that have absorbed our graduates include:

  • Airasia
  • Swiss Garden Hotel
  • Media Prima Berhad (TV3)
  • KLCC
  • Domino’s Pizza
Career Guidance Office
Our student counsellors are ever ready to guide students – firstly on their study progression to qualify for a job and secondly the right type of job that suits their interest, academic ability, proficiency, physical and mental aptitude.
It is crucial for students to choose a course and career wisely to ensure a successful future. Our officers ensure students of Breyer make the right choice right from the start.

Professional Communication Skills Training
In the globalized world, proficiency in more than one language is essential. We offer English classes for all our students to establish high linguistic competency. With this we can ensure that our graduates are proficient in their communication language.
Breyer will arrange an appropriate accommodation that is safe, healthy and conducive for studying, for both local and international students.
We have a list of houses and apartments of various range of rental rates available for our students to select from. The cost of accommodation is borne by the students.
In-House Hands-On Training
Students of Breyer are given opportunity to serve within the college to develop their basic office administration and interactive skills, while studying. These essential skills for career are taught to each student, in order to prepare them for the transition from study to work life.
On Job Training or Internship Service
We encourage students of all levels to undergo optional industrial placement and training; however it is compulsory for level 4 students to undergo industrial training in their respective field of study. The college assists students to secure an industrial placement through its industrial partnerships.